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Update of Existing Bills as of 5/31/2023


Would grant new legal powers to Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Under the bill SPCAs would be granted a private right of action to bring lawsuits to obtain an injunction “to prevent the violation of any law relating to or affecting animals. Committee voted in favor of bill on April 24, 2023 and is pending Floor action in the Assembly. ZAA has signed onto a letter of opposition with other industry groups. Ordered to inactive file at the request of Sponsor on May 25, 2023. This means the bill will not move forward this year but can be taken up again next year.


Makes changes to existing law governing certain Fish and Game Commission permits for the entry, importation, possession, transportation, keeping, confinement, or release of wild animals. This bill would require that the permits be renewed at least every 5 years and that permit applicants show proof of current liability insurance and a surety bond. Amended to remove most of the original language. Now relates to conservation of the Western Joshua Tree. Pending Third Reading before moving to the Assembly Floor but not expected to move forward at this time.

  • FLORIDA HB 1161 & SB 1266

Revises penalty for certain release or escape of nonnative venomous reptiles; provides penalty for specified activities involving venomous reptiles without special permit or license issued by FWCC. Both these bills have been amended to focus release related penalties on nonnative venomous species. The bills have been combined as HB 1161 which was passed by both the House and the Senate and approved by the Governor. The Legislative Session has ended.

  • NEW JERSEY AB 2354


Establishes procedures for seizure, care, and forfeiture of animals involved in animal cruelty violations. Primarily impacts dogs and other domestic companion animals but some provisions would apply to all animals. SB 981, which had previously passed by the Senate, was amended and passed by the Assembly as a substitute for AB 2354.

Prohibits the issuance of permits authorizing the use of wild animals in circuses or traveling animal acts; excepts a wildlife sanctuary and a facility accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Amended to remove exemptions and to prohibit permits for “traveling animal acts'' involving any "Covered animal," i.e. Felidae (excluding domestic cats); Kangaroo; Non-human primate; Ursidae; and Wallaby (the Senate companion bill SB 4363 has not been amended). Passed by the Environmental Conservation Committee on May 23, 2023 and referred to the Codes Committee.

  • NEW YORK AB 768 (= SB 460)

Includes wildlife animals as those subject to the animal cruelty provisions of the agriculture and markets law. Passed by the Environmental Conservation Committee on May 23, 2023 and referred to the Codes Committee.

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