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2 Adult Leopard cats


Why We Exist

Our mission is to Advocate Conservation through Education, Propagation & Research; Protecting the future of species survival, and contributing to genetic studies for biodiversity.  A strong focus to wild felids- small lesser-known species and subspecies, through funding various field work and scientific studies worldwide.

Joining conservation organizations with like minded goals and missions-uniting together to fund, donate and support endangered, threatened species worldwide. Creating Animal Management programs for zoological facilities; developing strong, sustainable captive populations through genetic diversity. Assisting zoological entities holding wildlife native to the America’s, achieve healthy, diverse, captive populations.
Educational outreach via social media, internet based webinars, video, live stream & videos; in person live local events, local community programs for conservation.


Engaging with the public to achieve wildlife awareness, sharing our research and development, informing others of our mission and efforts, connecting the audience to the ambassadors of TPFECF. Imprinting change and the need for action to support our earth and its future through conservation. Providing a refuge, rehabilitation and permanent sanctuary for wildlife in need.


We help local South Carolina rehabilitation centers place un-releasable native Indigenous species to conservation centers and/or zoos. Sometimes the zoos are within the USA sometimes we place the animals to zoos out of the country so they can exhibit North American species and approve genetics for propagation.

Leopard Cat walking on tree limb
2 Caracals lying on the ground
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