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Legislative New & Existing bills (As of 6/21/2023)

New bills

Would prevent States and local jurisdictions from interfering with the production and distribution of agricultural products in interstate commerce. A rebuke of the recent Supreme Court decision upholding CA Prop 12.

A bill to prohibit the slaughter of equines for human consumption.

  • US HR 3859

The Animal Welfare Enforcement Improvement Act would amend the Animal Welfare Act to, among other things, eliminate the 3 year USDA license renewal process, require annual renewal inspections and create a private of action, i.e., allow private citizens (or possibly groups) to sue licensees to enforce the AWA. A similar bill was introduced in the last Congress.

Existing bills

Would amend the Animal Welfare Act to prohibit commercial greyhound racing, live lure training, and open field coursing.

  • US HR 3748 To amend the Animal Health Protection Act to improve the prevention of the spread of animal diseases, and for other purposes. Text not yet available.

  • US HR 1184 & S 502 Healthy Dog Importation Act. Would amend the Animal Health Protection Act and the Animal Welfare Act to impose new requirements related to the importation of live dogs.

  • US S 1614 By Senator Rubio of FL. Bill to amend the Lacey Act l to enhance protections against the importation, and transport between States, of injurious species. Text of the bill is not yet available but presume it is same as or similar to the legislation Sen. Rubio introduced last Congress, S 626. Among other things that bill would have banned interstate movement of certain species and created a “white list” of species (reptiles, fish, amphibians, birds, and mammals) that could be imported and increased the ability of US Fish and Wildlife Service to restrict movement of other species.

  • US HR 2939

To amend the Animal Welfare Act to prohibit the confinement of pregnant pigs and for other purposes.

To require research facilities that use companion dogs, cats, or rabbits for research purposes and receive funding from the National Institutes of Health to offer such animals for adoption after completion of such research, and for other purposes.

  • US S 771

  • US HR 94

  • US HR 1558

Would amend the Endangered Species Act to provide that nonnative species in the United States shall not be treated as endangered species or threatened species for purposes of that Act. * There have been a number of other bills introduced that would limit or change the ESA listing process and/or deny funding for various ESA-related activities.

  • US S 1149

Would amend the Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration Act to make supplemental funds available to states for species conservation projects, including conservation education.

  • US HR 1788

“Goldie’s Act”. Would amend the Animal Welfare Act to increase enforcement with respect to violations. Among other things it would elevate the significance of noncompliances and would expand USDA’s authority to confiscate animals.

  • US HR 624

“Puppy Protection Act”. Would amend the Animal Welfare Act to impose new requirements and restrictions on commercial dog breeders.

  • US HR 520

Would amend the Endangered Species Act to provide that artificially propagated animals shall be treated the same as naturally propagated animals for remediation purposes under the ESA.

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